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InterRidge-China Update:
Significant Progress in Ridge Crest Research in China

InterRidge-China was organized and established late 2003. China became an Associate Member of InterRidge in 2004. This report highlights significant progress in InterRidge-related research activities in China.

1) The 2003 InterRidge Workshop in Beijing, China

On 27-29 October 2003, an InterRidge workshop on "Opportunities and contributions of Asian countries to the InterRidge Next Decade Initiative" was held on the campus of Peking University in Beijing, which attracted over 70 scientists and students including 18 from international community. The meeting was co-chaired by John Chen of Peking University (China) and Jian Lin of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (USA) with Kensaku Tamaki and Agnieszka Adamczewska (Japan), Sang-Mook Lee (Korea), and Catherine Mevel (France) as members of the Organizing Committee. Many of the InterRidge Steering Committee members attended and contributed greatly to this successful workshop. Details of this meeting are described at both (under "meetings" -> "InterRidge workshops and meetings; past and future")and InterRidge -China hosted this meeting, which was the first major InterRidge workshop held in Asia.

2) InterRidge-China Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of InterRidge-China consists of 15 scientists from various universities and institutions in China and is chaired by Prof. Y. John Chen of Peking University, where the InterRidge-China Office is located. The InterRidge-China web page can be found at, where the Chinese version is more completed, while the English version is still under construction. Please contact either John Chen at or Ms. Jian Zhu at johnycZJ@geophy.pku. Ms. Zhu is a Ph.D. student in John Chen's research group and is responsible for the construction and maintenance of this web site.

3) Introducing InterRidge sciences to Chinese research community

Both the English and Chinese versions of the InterRidge Next Decade Plan are now available at the InterRidge-China web site. Ms. Leonna Tian, a graduate student at the Ocean University of China, and Dr. Jian Lin of WHOI, USA have translated the full English text of the "InterRidge Next Decade Science Plan" into Chinese language. The primary goal is to significantly increase the visibility of InterRidge in Chinese research community and Chinese government funding agencies. An abbreviated version of this translation article was also published in the Chinese journal "Marine Geology Letters", vol. 20, pages 10-15, 2004. This article already started to have positive impact as funding agencies and researchers using it for long-term research planning. STCOM of InterRidge-China thank both Ms. Leonna Tian and Dr. Jian Lin for their effort of introducing the InterRidge Next Decade Plan to the Chinese scientific community.

4) A joint China-international research cruise to the East Pacific Rise

A joint China-international research cruise is scheduled for Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005 to conduct mid-ocean ridge geo-biosceince researches on the East Pacific Rise. The cruise will be conducted on R/V DaYanYiHao (Ocean #1). Dr. Shiqin Guo of COMRA (China Ocean Mineral Research & Development Association) and Dr. Jian Lin of WHOI, USA will co-lead this expedition, together with several members of the InterRidge-China STCOM including John Chen. This cruise will collect samples from hydrothermal vents at the EPR 13ˇăN and is funded by COMRA. The cruise will also conduct a detailed deep-towed survey of the ridge-crest geological features and hydrothermal water column anomalies of the EPR 1ˇăN-3ˇăS ridge crest. This is a region previously little investigated and we are all excited about this first joint China-international ridge cruise.

This is hopefully to be the first of several international cruises that China will sponsor in the coming years in collaboration with the InterRidge community. It shows that real progress is being made in deep sea-going research in China.

5) Upcoming events:

In China there will be at least three events related to the InterRidge research in the summer of 2004.

(1) Short Course on Geomicrobiology, Shanghai, June 13-19, 2004, sponsored by the IODP-China ( This seven-day short course will host lectures covering various subjects of geomicrobiology from four US scientists, Dr. Kenneth H. Nealson from USC, Dr. Steven L. D'Hondt from U. of Rode Island, and Drs. David Betsch and Hong Yang from Bryan College.

(2) Summer Theoretical Institute (STI) on "International Advanced Research in Marine Geo-Biosciences" in Qingdao, June 19-21, 2004. This STI is jointly organized by Ocean University of China and IPACES (International Professionals for Advancement of Chinese Earth Sciences), together with three oceanographic research institutions in Qingdao and InterRidge-China. Prof. Yang Zuosheng of Ocean U of China, Dr. Jian Lin of WHOI, USA, and Dr. Paul Liu of North Carolina State University, USA are organizing this STI, which is designed to provide a broad review of major international progress in marine geo-biosciences for graduate students, post-docs, and young researchers.

(3) "XiangShan Special Topics Meeting" on Hydrothermal Systems and Bio-community at Deep Sea Settings is jointly organized by Nanjing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and will be held in Nanjing, June 29-July 1 2004. This meeting will be co-chaired by Prof. Pinxian Wang of Tongji U. (Co-Chair of the IODP-China STCOM), Prof. Shaoyong Jiang of Nanjing U. (Member of InterRidge-China STCOM), and Prof. Ying Chen of Zhejiang U. The high level XiangShan national scientific forum usually attracts many active scientists on the related topics from China.

Reported by Dr. Y. John Chen, Chair of the Steering Committee of InterRidge-China,Professor of Geophysics, Department of Geophysics, Peking University, Beijing 100871 China; (o) 86-10-6275-8277; E-mails:
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